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Divorce Doesn’t have to Mean Losing Your Assets

If you have led a successful financial life, you have more reason than most people to protect your interests when your divorce will involve complex litigation. The law firm you retain to represent you must have knowledge and experience handling issues such as spousal support, valuation of property, business property, securities accounts and debt.

In a High-Asset Divorce, Your Financial Future is at Stake

Begelman & Orlow, P. C. represents clients with significant personal assets, often extending into the tens of millions of dollars. Lead family law attorney has nearly 45 years of experience protecting the rights of clients with significant financial assets at stake in their divorce settlement.

Contact family law paralegal to discuss the specifics of your high asset divorce case. We will arrange an opportunity to meet at a time and place of your convenience to discuss our resources, the process of fair property division and our approach to helping you get the fair divorce judgment you are entitled to.

We have experience working with clients whose high-asset divorce included financial concerns such as:

  • Multiple family-owned businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Real estate holdings, U.S. and overseas
  • Securities accounts, mutual funds, stock holdings
  • Bonus compensation, deferred compensation
  • Royalties, commissions, licensing agreements

Attorney leads our team of family law professionals. He serves as an appointed member of the Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel, where he advises divorcing couples on issues relating to how a family court judge would rule in their marital property dispute.

Professional Resources

Determining the fair current and future value of marital assets requires the right network of valuation professionals, forensic accountants, and tax specialists. With nearly 45 years of experience, works with *nationally recognized professionals. We handle all aspects of negotiating a fair settlement offer and, in the event a settlement cannot be reached, preparing your case for trial. We have the litigation experience and a record of success you can rely on with confidence.

Long-Term Co-Habitation Agreements

If you have been involved in a domestic partnership in which you shared living arrangements, you may be entitled to share in a fair division of property, as if a marriage had taken place. Talk to us about the specific legal circumstances that apply.

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Contact our offices to schedule a consultation. Our lawyers serve the divorce and family law needs of Camden County and communities throughout South Jersey.

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