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New Jersey Child Support Lawyer

Child support is supposed to be based solely upon the welfare of the children. Under New Jersey law, support obligations are determined by a calculation based on the income of both parties. Your attorney will need experience determining the appropriate valuation of all potential streams of income and debt. Once the income has been determined, there is little leeway the courts allow

“New Jersey uses a child support formula. The courts work hard to ensure that the final child support obligation really is about the child’s welfare. The financial data that gets plugged into the equation is extremely important. Determining the fair and right amount of income that goes into the calculation is where my experience makes the difference.”

New Jersey Alimony Lawyer

Permanent or temporary alimony, on the other hand, takes into account a variety of factors, including current and future income, pension plans, securities accounts and the accustomed lifestyle of both parties during the marriage. Spousal support is often one of the most bitterly fought issues of a divorce, particularly in cases involving significant financial assets.

There are several categories of alimony. Talk to us about how they will impact your divorce settlement:

  • Term alimony – for a specific length of time
  • Rehabilitative alimony – to help one party secure job skills or education
  • Reimbursement alimony – to repay one party for educational costs
  • Permanent alimony – support for the spouse left at a financial disadvantage

The right family law attorney makes the right difference

Our firm offers extensive experience handling settlements and trials involving millions of dollars in income and financial assets, as well as trials with only a house and car in the driveway. We have the professional resources to thoroughly investigate the facts and make sure that your financial interests are protected.

If your pending divorce will include issues relating to child support or spousal support, make sure your lawyer truly understands the issues beneath the surface. Attorney has nearly 45 years of New Jersey family law experience.

We handle all divorce and family law matters involving child support and spousal support, including:

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