Who Can File a Whistleblower Claim in NJ or PA?

Anyone can file a whistleblower claim in NJ or PA if they have proper evidence and their claim has merit. Whistleblowers do not have to be an employee of any company, work for the government, or be a part of any organization. The False Claims Act and other laws and court decisions aim to protect whistleblowers (relators) from retaliation by the employer. As a practical matter, there are certain people and entities who are more likely to know of employer wrongdoing than others.

Types of People Who File Qui Tam Claims

  • A Current Employee – Anyone who works for an employer is likely to know what’s proper procedure and what’s improper procedure. While some employees try to confront the employer, sometimes the best course of action is to consult a private attorney who can advice on what type of evidence is needed and whether a claim has merit. This includes federal employees, state and local government employees and people who work in the private sector.
  • A Former Employee – It doesn’t matter if the employee was terminated or left voluntarily. As long as the evidence is proper and there is governmental wrong, then the former employee should consult with a private attorney about a qui tam claim.
  • Contractors and Subcontractors – These entities should know whether employers are overcharging and whether they’re providing competent work.
  • Competitors – Competitors, by nature, keep an eye on other companies. If the competitor sees that an employer is getting bids based on suspect criteria or that an employer is consistently getting business from the same agency, it’s a red flag to see if something improper is taking place.
  • State and Local Governments – Many governments and local agencies are now bringing their own actions based on suspicious wrongs that they’ve investigated.
  • Private and Public Organizations – These entities have a keener eye about what wrongs a business might be committing, than the average person, because they focus on a specific governmental sector.

What Kind of Misconduct Lends Itself to a Qui Tam Claim?

  • Health Care Fraud (Medicare, Medicaid, Pharmacy and others) – doctors, nurses, medical technicians, medical vendors and suppliers, pharmacists, and hospital employees
  • Tax Fraud – accountants, tax lawyers, financial consultants and financial advisors
  • Military Kickbacks – any member of the armed forces and anyone who contracts with the armed forces
  • Federal Stimulus and TARP Fraud– contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and state and local governments

Need More Information About Qui Tam Claims?

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