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What to Do If You’re Denied Reasonable Accommodation for A Disability in New Jersey

Some people suffer from physical and mental disabilities that restrict their ability to perform daily activities. However, just because someone has a disability does not automatically mean they are unemployable. Many people who experience limitations due to a disability can still perform the essential duties of many jobs so long as they are afforded reasonable… More

Common Ways Employers Violate Employee Rights During the Holiday Season

With the holidays taking place at the end of the calendar year, businesses are often in a mad dash to try to increase sales and close deals to hit annual performance targets. As a result, businesses may ask their employees to put in extra effort during the holiday season. But while seeking to boost productivity… More

When Should I Hire an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer represents workers who are discriminated against, or who experience unfair practices at work. Pennsylvania employees have legal rights under both state and federal laws. If you’re not being treated fairly in the workplace, you may have legal options available that provide you with access to the rights you deserve. Types of Employment… More

Top 11 Most Common Wage and Hour Violations Employees Face

All employers in and around the Feasterville, Pennsylvania area are required to follow state and federal rules when it comes to employees. These rules regulate hiring and payments. Unfortunately, these rules aren’t always followed, which can severely hurt an employee’s pay. Here are the top 11 most common wage and hour violations employees face and… More

How Do You Document Discrimination in the Workplace?

Discrimination in the workplace is not always easy to document. However, documentation is important in proving that you were the victim of discrimination. Continue reading to find out how to document discrimination in the workplace. Read more: Top 4 Most Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination How Do You Know if You Have a Discrimination Case?… More

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