NJ Appeals Court Disqualifies Firm in Wrongful Termination Case

Wrongful termination describes a situation in which an individual is fired from a business or company in such a way that the terms or contract of employment, an employment law or a statute provision has been broken. New Jersey Appeals Court Disqualifies Firm from Representing Client in Wrongful Termination Case Mr. Sanchez believes he was… More

The Consequences Of A Hit-And-Run Accident In New Jersey

It’s understandable to have an initial reactionary desire to flee the scene of an accident, but it’s important to recognize the real consequences that running could have on your future and the future of victims possibly injured in the wreck. Civil Ramifications For Hit and Runs In NJ When you’ve been in a collision, you… More

Multi-Bus Chain Reaction Crash Leaves 21 Children Injured in NJ

Injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents may not be apparent right away. It’s important for victims to research their legal options regarding restoring the financial losses they incurred due to the accident. Multi-Bus Chain Reaction Crash Puts 20 Children in New Jersey’s Hospitals Around 100 people, mostly children, were aboard five school buses traveling back… More

Breath Test Refusal Now Lets Police Request Warrant for Blood Test

There is no law that states that you legally have to take a breathalyzer if a police officer requests one from you. However, with a new policy that has recently gone into place, the police will be able to instantly request a warrant to issue a blood test for those individuals they believe are driving… More

New Temporary Tattoo Can Help You Avoid Potential DUIs

Cell phones can be an enormous distraction after one gets behind the wheel of the car, however, that does not mean it cannot also help you avoid potential DUIs before you get into your vehicle. A new device has been developed that can help discreetly monitor a person’s blood alcohol levels and transmit that information… More

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