Jersey City Police Officers Caught Kicking a “Burning Man”

Recently, Jersey City police officers were caught on video in the act of kicking a man “lit on fire.” The man’s clothes were ignited after a shooting and police chase. Mayor Steve Fulop said that such behavior is “unacceptable.” The man in flames wasn’t a suspect of the police officers, so it’s unclear as to… More

Jersey City, NJ Settles Police Brutality Lawsuit Citing “Excessive Force”

If you have faced police brutality in New Jersey, you need an experienced police brutality and civil rights law firm. Law enforcement professionals are there to protect your rights but, all too often, these very people violate them. It seems that some cities and departments in New Jersey can’t police themselves. Unfortunately, the only way… More

PTSD and Worker’s Compensation for Police Officers

One of the biggest news story last year was the shooting at the Pulse nightclub. It was shocking and raw to read about the incident across the country. The single attacker was able to kill 49 people inside of the nightclub through the use of an AR-15. The first responders that arrived on the scene… More

Medicare Fraud and a Whistleblower

Recently, a whistleblower who came forward with a plan that was defrauding Medicare out of a large amount of money will receive a large sum of money in exchange for revealing the fraud. This man was a former employee of one of the businesses involved in the fraud. The fraud was set up between several… More

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against MGM

Recently, an entertainment lawyer that previously worked for MGM studios has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company. The attorney claims in his suit that the firing occurred because he was falsely accused of being a pedophile. A year ago, the lawyer had been arrested and charged with the crime of having sex with… More

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