Steps to Take If You Are Hit by a Car While Walking in New Jersey

Pedestrians, generally speaking, have the right of way when it comes to interactions with vehicles. However, even the most responsible pedestrian is still at the mercy of drivers. Regardless of how careful pedestrians might be, they are still struck by cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles on a regular basis. When this happens, what should… More

The Power of “Negligence Per Se” for Injured Pedestrians in PA and NJ

One of the most horrifying thoughts for any pedestrian is that they might be struck by a vehicle while walking. Pedestrians rely on drivers to be cognizant of them and to yield when necessary. However, when a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the driver probably won’t be able to exercise the… More

Tips for Safely Driving at Night

While modern technology has made driving a much safer activity than in the past, driving is still fairly dangerous especially when conditions are not ideal. Driving at night is considered more dangerous because darkness reduces a person’s overall ability to utilize their vision, depth perception, peripheral vision and color recognition. High-beam headlights help but visibility… More

New Proposed Paid Sick Leave Regulations in New Jersey

New regulations proposed by New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) will go into effect on October 29, 2018. These new changes address many concerns employers have, but the NJDOL will continue to accept comments on the changes up until December 14, 2018. Once this temporary period ends, the final regulations will be… More

Liability in Car Accidents

When you’ve been in a collision, it’s natural to be in an initial state of shock and confusion. Sadly, going through the process of filing a personal injury claim to recover from your losses can be an additional time-consuming and complicated challenge. What to do Following a Car Accident in NJ or PA Immediately following… More

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