Paterson City Employee Faces Insurance Fraud Charges

A 48 year old Paterson city employee was recently arrested and charged with committing insurance fraud after prosecutors say he drove a truck for a beverage distributor while receiving workers’ compensation payments, according to an article at The man, who worked for the Department of Public Works in Paterson, was allegedly injured on the… More

Defining Qui Tam and Common Qui Tam Actions

A whistleblower is someone who becomes aware of fraudulent or illegal activity within a company and takes necessary steps to report it to relevant authorities. In doing so, that person may be afforded particular protections under the False Claims Act. The False Claims Act is in place to encourage whistleblowers to come forward and bring… More

NJ Employee in Limbo Alleges Wrongful Termination

A legal case involving an employee who has been suspended for three years and counting raises questions about suspended employees and what this means for their futures. For more than two decades, the carpenter in the case installed tiles and carpets in public housing units. He also had responsibilities for supervising workers. Unfortunately, however, he… More

Who Can Apply for U.S. Citizenship?

Only particular people are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. Understanding the how and the why is important to initiate these steps as soon as possible. There are many different rights for individuals who have U.S. citizenship, but U.S. citizenship is not easily obtained. All of the following must apply in the event that you… More

Do We Really Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

In the excitement surrounding planning your wedding and celebrating your engagement, it’s easy to overlook pertinent legal steps that you should take such as establishing a prenuptial agreement. However, even though raising the conversation about prenuptial agreements can be difficult with your future spouse, it is strongly recommended because it is a tool that actually… More

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