Driverless Cars: Are They Dangerous?

Driverless cars have long been promoted as a way to tackle the growing number of vehicle crashes cause by human error. However, concerns over how safe driverless cars really are have been increasing in recent years due to the number of people who have been injured in these types of accidents and the prominent news… More

Driving in Bad Weather

If weather conditions are poor, it is even more important that you pay attention to your surroundings and avoid getting involved in a serious accident. Far too many people overestimate their ability to safely control their car when in bad weather and this leads to many preventable accidents on the road. What is Bad Weather?… More

New Feature Lets Car Detect Driver Fatigue and Distractions

With the newest IPhones people have started to get used to the idea of facial-recognition technology, yet what they may not expect is that this same technology is now being used in their vehicles. That is of course until the new Subaru 2019 Forester gets released, as an announcement at the New York International Auto… More

Uber Reaches Settlement With Victim of Self-Driving Car Accident

In what many believe is just the start of a new world of lawsuits involving self-driving vehicles Uber Technologies Inc. has reached a settlement with the family of a woman who was killed using this new technology. In what could have been a lengthy legal battle over the first death attributed to an autonomous vehicle… More

Are Whistleblowers Protected by Law?

The Government Accountability Project defines a whistleblower as an employee who exposes evidence of illegal behavior by their company. Whistleblowers often reveal behaviors like fraud, mismanagement, dangers to public health and safety, abuse of power, gross waste, or other types of wrongdoing. Whistleblowers who report these types of activities through the official proper channels are… More

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