Fatal Car Accidents More Likely Over Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day serving as the unofficial start of summer, many people take the holiday weekend as the opportunity to hit the road for vacation, to go to the beach, or to attend parties and festivals. As so many people hit the road in a celebratory mood, it creates the perfect conditions for an increase… More

Examples of Medical Billing Fraud

Medical billing fraud represents a serious problem in our healthcare system. Billing fraud results in millions of dollars of financial waste that is borne by the government through the Medicare and Medicaid systems and by private health insurers, ultimately raising costs for taxpayers and subscribers to health insurance.  When healthcare providers engage in medical billing… More

Overview of Who Can File a Qui Tam Lawsuit

Qui tam suits represent a powerful tool that allows individuals and organizations to seek legal accountability from parties who engage in fraudulent or illegal conduct in those parties’ dealings with the federal government.  What Is a Qui Tam Suit? A qui tam suit refers to a lawsuit filed by a person or organization under the… More

How Long You Can Collect Workers’ Comp Benefits in Pennsylvania

If you suffer a work injury or an occupational illness in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to collect workmans’ comp benefits through your employer. As an employee on workers’ comp, you should familiarize yourself with the system’s rules to understand how long you may be eligible to collect benefits. Continue reading to find out how… More

How Do You Document Discrimination in the Workplace?

Discrimination in the workplace is not always easy to document. However, documentation is important in proving that you were the victim of discrimination. Continue reading to find out how to document discrimination in the workplace. Read more: Top 4 Most Common Examples of Workplace Discrimination How Do You Know if You Have a Discrimination Case?… More

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