SIRVA and Workers’ Compensation in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

When you visit the doctor’s office for a vaccination you don’t expect to wind up with an injury stemming from that vaccination. But, depending on where the vaccine is administered and how deep it is injected you could wind up suffering from some pain. The most common issue is known as the Shoulder Injury Related… More

Foot Injuries on the Job in Pennsylvania

Workers, regardless of the industry, are at risk for injury. Workplace injuries can take many forms, and often small injuries that go ignored can develop into larger problems at a later date. One of the most common work injuries involve a person’s feet, and foot injuries very often lead to other health problems if left… More

Preparing for An Initial Meeting With a Personal Injury Attorney

Suffering an injury in an accident can change your life in a matter of seconds. You could wind up suffering severe injuries that lead to missed time at work or even last for the rest of your life. Disability is also not out of the question when involved in an accident. If you ever find… More

Steps to Take If You Are Hit by a Car While Walking in New Jersey

Pedestrians, generally speaking, have the right of way when it comes to interactions with vehicles. However, even the most responsible pedestrian is still at the mercy of drivers. Regardless of how careful pedestrians might be, they are still struck by cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles on a regular basis. When this happens, what should… More

The Power of “Negligence Per Se” for Injured Pedestrians in PA and NJ

One of the most horrifying thoughts for any pedestrian is that they might be struck by a vehicle while walking. Pedestrians rely on drivers to be cognizant of them and to yield when necessary. However, when a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the driver probably won’t be able to exercise the… More

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