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You’ve been injured on the job. What do you do now? Your friends, family and co-workers all tell you to apply for workers’ comp benefits. But where do you start? Your boss? You might not even want your company to know you’re thinking about it.

Turn to Begelman & Orlow, P. C. for the complete help you need. We are experienced personal injury and employment litigation attorneys who understand how important this is to your family.

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Under New Jersey law, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries suffered on the job. What you may not know, though, is that there are often other parties who may be held liable for paying you compensation. That’s where our experience makes a difference.

We can also help you with employment and personal injury litigation.

Unlike many workers’ compensation law firms that refer your personal injury and employment litigation case to other law firms, we handle everything at our offices in Cherry Hill. We are experienced litigators who know how to investigate your workplace accident and find the professional resources to help you maximize your claim. We can also help you with employment litigation claims such as discrimination, harassment and other illegal actions by your employer.

You Take Care of Your Health. We will Take Care of the Legal Details

We understand how frustrating and confusing workers’ compensation applications and laws are – there may be medical records, accident reports, your work history, and other documents to consider. The smallest mistake can hold up your application for months. On top of your other frustrations, you will be fighting an uphill battle against an employer or third party that doesn’t want to share their records.

There is a Cap on the Amount of Workers’ Comp Service Fees we can Charge

Bring your workers’ compensation questions to us. Our lawyers will handle everything. By law, our fees for helping you get your workers’ comp insurance benefits are capped at a specific percentage of your claim.

Dynamic Representation and Success

Contact us today. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your injury and the specifics of the worksite, the equipment used and the circumstances that led to your injury. We will investigate whether a third party may also be held liable in an additional law suit.

We are very experienced attorneys who understand the New Jersey workers’ compensation process and have an excellent record of success.

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