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Police Misconduct: Officers Who Withhold Evidence Can Be Sued for a Brady Violation

Failure to disclose evidence that could help a defendant (a Brady Violation) can alter the criminal case against you by possibly having the charges dismissed or having a conviction overturned. A Brady Violation also means that you probably have a Civil Rights Action against any police officers, prosecutors and anyone who withheld the exculpatory evidence… More

Disclosing Exculpatory Criminal Evidence in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

What is Exculpatory Evidence? Evidence in criminal cases falls into three categories Evidence that will help show a defendant is innocent of the charges against him Evidence that will help show a defendant is guilty of the charges against him Evidence that neither helps show innocence nor guilt The first type of criminal evidence, evidence… More

Typical Defendants in Civil Rights Cases

Civil Rights actions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and across the United States require being able to show that the person who did the “wrong” acted under color of federal or state law and that, at some level and some degree, the person acted in an official governmental capacity. Police officers and wardens are hired… More

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