Experienced and Dedicated Qui Tam Attorneys Are Rare – So Beware of Advertising Law Firms Who Claim to Be

Every time we check the internet for attorneys who practice Qui Tam Law, we are amazed at how many new firms are advertising and claiming that they are Qui Tam Attorneys, when in fact they are nothing more than a “Johnny Come Lately” who are hoping for a quick hit or “lottery ticket” case.  These firms and attorneys like the inexperienced clients who they seek them out are sometimes under the false impression that quick “lottery” type cases are obtainable without the experience and dedication of true practitioners of Qui Tam/Whistleblower Law.  Experienced Qui Tam Attorneys know the hard work and dedication that is needed for the long haul that Qui Tam cases require.  Experienced Attorneys know that a strong hand is needed not only to guide the whistleblower client through the process, but also to hold his or her hand through the stress and anxiety that being a whistleblower entails.  These cases on average take a long time to resolve themselves.  It is of the utmost importance when choosing an attorney to represent you in Qui Tam case that the law firm and the attorney will be there for that long haul.

Many of the law firms are personal injury or even employment law firms who either dabble in or want to dabble in Qui Tam Law.  Representing Relators or Whistleblowers under various Qui Tam or Quasi Qui tam laws is an area of law that require the benefits of experience and  reputation.  The dedication that to Qui Tam law and whistleblowers that is needed to handle Qui Tam cases, cannot be understated.

Government and even the judiciary value highly the reputation, expertise and experience of firms that have and will practice under the False Claims Act.  As often as we see firms advertising for Qui Tam clients, we see firms stopping to advertise for Qui Tam cases.  As quick as they appear they often learn how complicated these cases can be and the level of care and guidance that clients who are whistleblowers require.

Begelman & Orlow has well over 115 years of combined experience and we have been practicing Qui Tam and False Claim Whistleblower  Law since 1995.  Ross Begelman the firm’s founder and managing partner has also been practicing Health Care and Economic Fraud litigation including Medicaid Fraud and other economic frauds since 1980 when he served as a Deputy Attorney General.

If you know of fraud or false claims being submitted to the Government of the United States or any State Government who has a False Claims Act, then please contact Begelman & Orlow at 866-627-7052, or fill our our online form for a free consultation.

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