Harassment or Discrimination Claims In New Jersey

Philadelphia employee discrimination lawyerThe Equality Act of 2010 defines harassment as unwanted conduct based on or relating to a legally protected characteristic. Discrimination is legally defined as unfair or unequal treatment of an individual or group based on a legally protected status or characteristic. When committed by an employer, these two serious offenses are violations of an employee’s rights.

Confronting New Jersey Employers For Harassment or Discrimination

If you believe you have a case for harassment or discrimination, then the first thing you need to do is confront the person preferably in writing. This is not always a desirable option, but it does provide evidence that the employer’s behavior is unwanted and unacceptable. Many employees fear retaliation, so it’s important to issue your complaints in writing rather than verbally.

Sadly, confronting an abuser can sometimes cause escalation. Employees should file an official complaint about their harassment or discrimination issue with the company’s human resources department. Filing an official complaint gives the company or individual an opportunity to resolve the issue. It’s also a necessary step in holding the company accountable for the harassment. New Jersey law requires the employee to next file a charge of harassment or discrimination with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Without filing a charge, you won’t be able to pursue a lawsuit. After a short investigative period, you will receive a letter allowing you to further pursue your right to sue the company.

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