New Senate Caucus Formed to Further Support for Federal Whistleblowers

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, long-known as one of the most vocal legislators on the topic of whistleblower protection, formed a caucus designed to provide support and encourage more senators to sponsor whistleblower legislation and support the efforts of others who want action taken on the issue.

The Whistleblower Protection Caucus, Sen. Grassley said, should be a group for information sharing, where senators can discuss ideas and coordinate responses to all allegations of retaliation. The senator chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee where he has been a go-to source for support for FBI whistleblowers.

In a statement announcing the Caucus, the lawmaker said: “As a long-time whistleblower advocate, I constantly hear from federal whistleblowers who are fearful of retaliation. Some of them have already been targeted for their actions. Much can be done to improve the environment for whistleblowers and actually encourage more people to step forward when they encounter wrongdoing.”

Further, Sen. Grassley believes the new group will raise the level of consciousness within the Senate about the needs of whistleblowers, encouraging more legislative support of people who “play a vital role in protecting against fraud, waste and misconduct.”

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