Qui Tam Actions: Federal Whistleblower Cases Can Provide Major Rewards

Professionals in health care industries, including pharmaceutical and medical device representatives, are in a very good position to encounter specific information regarding Medicare or Medicaid fraud. By enlisting a law firm to pursue legal action under the False Claims Act, individuals who provide relevant, previously unknown information that implicates a company for defrauding the federal government can be eligible for significant financial rewards.

How much is at stake? The federal government reports a record recovery of $4 billion in health fraud payments last year, and well over half of that amount resulted from health care fraud litigation. But government investigators are dependent on inside information to get most cases off the ground, and therefore the law provides great incentives to encourage employees of dishonest corporations to come forward and expose wrongdoing.

A few of the more common Medicaid and Medicare fraud practices include cost report manipulation, performing unnecessary services, fraudulent billing and pharmacy drug diversion. If you have knowledge of such activities and are concerned about retaliation for exposing your employer’s illegal action, you should proceed carefully but deliberately. A confidential consultation with an attorney who understands whistleblower protections and compensation can provide clear advice about your legal options.

False Claims Act Litigation Attorneys Handle the Complexities With Discretion

Exposing health care fraud while protecting the rights and interests of a client requires a delicate balance, and an employee’s choice of counsel is crucial. Individuals who are seeking advice about acting as a whistleblower should be prepared to ask attorneys about their experience handling False Claims Actions.

Whistleblower actions are not limited to health care fraud – employees who have knowledge of wrongdoing involving military contracts, securities fraud, the IRS, state tax agencies, and federal stimulus funds are all subject to protections under a variety of state and federal statutes. A law firm with a record of successful qui tam litigation experience can be a dedicated ally and your guide to a well deserved financial reward for brave action.

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