Responsible Whistleblowing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Only responsible whistleblowers should move forward with their allegations. The Federal and State False Claims Acts are designed to create a process which helps ensure that cases are vented and litigated in a responsible fashion. The Act requires that before filing a whistleblower claim for wrongdoing to receive or retain money from a government funded program, a whistleblower must first provide the government authorities including the local United States Attorney with a statement, know as a disclosure which outlines the allegations and the evidence supporting those allegations. After the disclosure is served on the government authorities, a complaint needs to be filed, but that complaint must be filed under seal( in secret pursuant to the statute and court order). The seal allows the government to investigate the allegations in secret without harming the reputation of the whistleblower nor the alleged wrongdoer. Sometime the government litigates the case itself and sometimes the whistleblower and his attorneys move forward on behalf of the government. In either case responsible attorneys and whistleblowers would only move the case forward if the allegations can be proven and thus they act in a responsible manner. The False Claims Act also provides protections for whistleblowers who are retaliated against.
Part of responsible whistleblowing is seeking experienced advise before complaining of the wrongdoing to even the employer. The False Claims Act provides protections and a legal mechanism to ensure that only valid claims based on evidence move forward.

Responsible Whistleblower/FCA/Qui Tam attorneys work with their whistleblower clients to determine what action is in the potential whistleblowers interest. These actions can range from filing a False Claims Act disclosure and complaint, filing under various other Federal or State Whistleblower laws which also provide protections, filing under a Federal or State anti retaliation law statute, notifying your employer of your concerns or doing nothing.

Whatever action is taken, nothing should be done without careful thought and experienced legal advice from a Whistleblower, Qui Tam and False Claims Act Attorney and Law Firm.

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