Some Corporate Whistleblowers Get Satisfaction & a Huge Pay Day

When the United States Securities and Exchange Commission paid a $30 million reward to a whistleblower who reported an instance of major corporate fraud, foreigners really took notice. The recipient of that huge award was paid to someone who doesn’t live in the U.S. but took the time to report the wrongdoing.

In fact, this is not an unusual occurrence. The amount of money paid to that undisclosed person was unusually large, but the number of people overseas who are looking for a payday by reporting fraud being committed against the U.S. government is growing annually.

Anyone – anywhere — who uncovers acts of fraud against the United States government can bring a qui tam claim against the offender. If the case is successful – meaning the wrong is uncovered and proven to have occurred – the whistleblower is entitled to receive up to 30 percent of the money recouped by the government. This money comes from penalties against the defendant and legal settlements

The SEC and many other government agencies are in agreement; whistleblowers can be sources of extremely difficult to uncover information. While the individual who “blows the whistle” stands to reap the financial benefits if the cases is successful, it’s often a difficult path to take. You need a strong, successful lawyer on your side to be your guide.

Contact the skilled and experienced attorneys at Begelman & Orlow. We represent good people, like you, who have uncovered fraud against the government and want to pursue a qui tam case. Call us today for a consultation. We will listen and advise you about how to proceed with your information.

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