Benefits of the False Claims Act in New Jersey and Throughout the U.S

Changing Corporate Culture

The False Claims Act is working. It is changing corporate culture. According to US Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and US Representative Howard Berman (D-CA), Qui Tam claims (the main claim brought under the False Claims Act) in New Jersey and nationwide have deterred hundreds of billions of dollars in fraud – not just in the Qui Tam verdicts, but in actually deterring fraud at the start. Corporations are now spending time and money on compliance programs. Ordinary workplace decisions now encourage honesty.

According to the TaxPayers against Fraud Education Fund:

  • Billions in rewards. Since 1987, the False Claims Act has returned to the government
    • $35 billion in civil recoveries
    • $7 billion in criminal fines
    • $6 billion has been returned to the states.
  • Adopted by states and localities. The False Claims Act has been adopted locally (meaning these locations have adopted similar laws):
    • Some states don’t cover the same set of frauds as the False Claims Acts. Many states cover Medicaid fraud only. The percentages allowed for recovery are also slightly different than for the False Claims Act.
    • 29 states have their own versions of the False Claims Act. The state statutes for each of these claims can be seen on our State False Claims Site.
      • California
      • Colorado
      • Connecticut
      • Delaware
      • District of Columbia
      • Florida
      • Georgia
      • Hawaii
      • Illinois
      • Indiana
      • Iowa
      • Louisiana
      • Maryland
      • Massachusetts
      • Michigan
      • Minnesota
      • Montana
      • Nevada
      • New Hampshire
      • New Jersey
      • New Mexico
      • New York
      • North Carolina
      • Oklahoma
      • Rhode Island
      • Tennessee
      • Texas
      • Virginia
      • Washington
      • Wisconsin
    • 3 cities and 1 county also have their own version of the False Claims Act: New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania,
    • Some federal agencies have also adopted similar whistleblower programs
    • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    • Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • Amounts recovered by industry
    • Pharmaceutical Fraud: 25 billion
    • Defense Contractor Fraud: over $5 billion
    • Hospital Fraud: over $3 billion
    • Banking Fraud: over $2 billion in potential recoveries pending, as of 2012, in State- and Federally-joined cases.
    • Laboratory Fraud: 1 billion
    • Oil and Gas Fraud: over $1 billion
  • Some of the top recoveries by corporation. GlaxoSmithKline * 2 billion
    • Pfizer 1 billion
    • Bank of America 1 billion
    • Tenet .9 billion
    • Abbott .8 billion
    • HCA .73 billion
    • Merck .65 billion

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