When It Comes to Whistleblowing, Make Sure Your Case is the Real Deal

Making the decision to “blow the whistle” on a company that is ripping off the government is never an easy one. When the company is your employer, even though the law says they can’t hold it against you, it’s completely understandable if you feel less than comfortable with pointing the finger.

On one hand, if you can prove the fraud is taking place, you stand to make a decent amount of money. Whistleblowers are entitled to a percentage of the amount that was verifiably misappropriated from the government. On the other hand, alleging wrongdoing that can’t be proven might put you in an uncomfortable spot in the workplace.

The best defense is a good, solid offense; make sure you have a case. Your allegations of wrongdoing against the government must be based in facts and figures, not rumors or hearsay. Sure, with a good qui tam lawyer on your side of the table, you stand a good chance of being heard by the government. However, you won’t get far if you can’t prove your case to the relevant government agency.

When there is a huge sum of money involved and the reputation of a company or a professional such as a physician is at stake, you need to come out swinging with evidence in your corner. The government won’t be paying you if it needs to prove the case without you providing substantive evidence up front.

Think you do have a case? Learn more about the False Claims Act and your rights by speaking to an experienced attorney at Begelman & Orlow, P. C.. We handle whistleblowing cases throughout the U.S. and, if you have a real-deal case, we will build your offense and work hard to get you the finders’ fee you deserve for discovering the fraud. Call us for a free consultation about your qui tam case.


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