How Can You Convince the Government to Join Your Qui Tam Case?

A lawyer who is willing to ask difficult questions at the outset will be better equipped to present your Qui Tam case to the U.S. Justice Department.

This is important because government intervention can potentially increase your chances ofbeing compensated by orders of magnitude. Hence, it is imperative that you speak with a Qui Tam attorney who will provide you with an honest assessment of your chances of succeeding.

Your desire to help the government uncover fraud is admirable, but the government has a tendency to view information about false claims with a healthy degree of skepticism. This is because the government has limited resources at its disposal and an abundance of potential claims to investigate.

You are far more likely to succeed in your Qui Tam case and receive a reward if the government intervenes. And if the government does join, you want them to prioritize your case. Therefore, asking hard questions is a logical first step for any lawyer in a false claims case. After all, the government is going to ask the same questions when determining whether fraud did, in fact, occur. Since Qui Tam cases often take an extremely long time to investigate and require a serious investment of resources, the government needs to be thoroughly convinced before intervening in any false claims case.

Asking hard questions at the beginning helps. You want your attorney to slip into the government’s uncomfortable shoes and try to figure out exactly what concerns the governmentmight have about joining your case.

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