Employee Age Discrimination in New Jersey and Pennsylvania: Know Your Rights

Older employees bring experience and knowledge. They bring leadership and abilities to teach, train and educate. They bring an ability to manage and question. Unfortunately, some employers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania don’t see all the positives that older employees bring. They think older employees aren’t as technically smart, want more time off and have more health issues.

Age discrimination laws state you can’t be harassed or made fun of because of your age. Harassment has to be more than just an occasional comment. It has to create a hostile environment.

Employers can’t hold your age against you when it comes to many work areas.

There are laws that state age can’t be used against you when it comes to:

  • Hiring
  • Firing and wrongful termination
  • Promotions
  • Pay
  • Benefits and employee privileges
  • Forcing you to retire
  • Work conditions
  • Workplace advertisements and training programs

Age Discrimination Laws

There are federal and state laws that protect you from discrimination because of your disability

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA for short). Federal law allows employees 40 years and older to bring age discrimination lawsuits
  • New Jersey – The New Jersey Law against Discrimination – New Jersey lets employees 18 and older bring discrimination lawsuits. New Jersey even allows for the reverse – for employees to bring age discrimination lawsuits because they’re discriminated against for they’re too young. There are exceptions for hiring employees under 18 and over 70 years of age.There are also exceptions where age is part of the job requirement – for example, where a given number of years experience is required or where a high physical ability is required.
  • Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act – This law outlaws discrimination for age discrimination in most of the same ways that the ADEA law provides employee rights for discrimination . The law covers all public employers and private employers who employ four or more people. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission enforces the laws against disability discrimination.

How Our Experienced Age Discrimination Lawyers Can Help

  • We know what age you have to be to claim discrimination.
  • We can advise you on your rights.
  • We know where to file your discrimination lawsuit and what damages you can recover.
  • We know how to prove that your age is being used against you.

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