What are Your Rights in New Jersey and Pennsylvania if Your Employer Discriminates Because of a Disability?

What is Employment Discrimination?

Employment discrimination in New Jersey and Pennsylvania is unequal treatment based on a disability. Unequal treatment alone is not sufficient. Common examples of disability discrimination are:

  • If you’re not hired, you’re fired or you’re not promoted for a job because of your disability.
  • If you don’t receive the same pay or the same benefits because of your disability.
  • If you’re teased at work, other workers or your boss make jokes about your disability. creating a hostile environment, that’s potentially discrimination. Likewise, employers can’t make it harder for you to do your job.
  • If your work conditions or discipline terms are different from other workers.
  • If the employer doesn’t offer reasonable accommodations for your disability.

Types of Disabilities

  • Actual or imagined.
    • Physical – This includes orthopedic problems, nerve problems, some diseases and more.
    • Mental – psychological and emotional problems that don’t prevent you from doing your job if reasonable accommodations are made.
    • Pregnancy related
    • Perceived – You don’t have to have an actual disability in some cases. If you’re not hired, fired, not promoted or get reduced pay/compensation because an employer thinks you are or were disabled, you may have a disability claim.
  • Level and degree
    • Severe and obvious – such as needing a wheelchair
    • Less obvious
      • A learning disability
      • Depression
      • Undergoing cancer treatments
      • Anxiety

Discrimination Laws

There are federal and state laws that protect you from being discriminated against because of your disability

  • Federal. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) – requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities – as long as the employee can otherwise do the work. The ADA law also protects employees with disabilities from being harassed because of their disability.
  • New Jersey Law against Discrimination (NJLAD) http://www.state.nj.us/lps/dcr/law.html
  • Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act prohibits enforces employer disability discrimination

What are Reasonable Accommodations? Your employer has to provide reasonable accommodations if you have a disability.

  • The accommodations have to let you do your job.
  • Medical equipment is often a solution.
  • The employer has to give you time off to get medical care for your disability under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Why a Disability Discrimination Lawyer can Help? He or she will know:

  • Which federal and state laws apply
  • What your work rights are
  • What your damages are such as getting your job back, getting the pay and benefits you should or getting reasonable accommodations.
  • How to prove discrimination. Proving discrimination requires an experienced lawyer since the employer and other employees are likely to be uncooperative.

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