Expect Tough Questions From Your Qui Tam Lawyer on Your Whistleblower Case

You should consult with an experienced attorney who specializes in Qui Tam cases and who is able to explore your case from all angles. A lawyer who asks hard questions before you proceed with the case can help you in many ways:

  •  Bring a successful claim – Your attorney should be able to critique your case. Sometimes the best defense in a Qui Tam case is a good offense. An experienced false claims lawyer will often play devil’s advocate when you first approach them about your case. This is because knowledgeable attorneys know that a successful claim often hinges on being able to anticipate and address all counter-arguments. If your lawyer is able to ask you the right questions at the outset, then your lawyer will know exactly how to answer the other side’s questions later on.
  • Better understand every aspect of your case – Knowledge truly is power. If there are potential problems with your Qui Tam case, you should be made aware of them as early in the process as possible.
  • Promote solid research – Difficult questions encourage legal research into potentially problematic case issues. This, in turn, fosters well-developed theories about why you are entitled to receive compensation. You want an attorney who will do the legwork and investigate your claim at the beginning of the process.
  • Attorney investment – If your attorney believes in your case, they can be expected to work extremely hard on your behalf. For this reason, you should encourage your attorney to ask difficult questions so that you can persuade them that your case has merit. Additionally, an attorney who believes in your case will be far more likely to invest resources and pursue it all the way to the end.
  • Save your valuable time – If the government joins your case, the ensuing investigation can take years. It’s better to know the answers to potentially thorny questions early in the legal process so that you can avoid wasting years of your valuable time pursuing a claim that may have little chance of success. Once that time is gone, you will never be able to get it back.
  • Protect your job – Job security is important. Although federal whistleblower laws provide job protection to anyone who reports actionable fraud, this is not necessarily true if the case is dismissed. You do not want to risk your career without some indication that your case has merit. Therefore, before proceeding with your case, you should speak with an experienced Qui Tam lawyer who will discreetly investigate your claim and make sure that you are protected against retaliation no matter what.

If you have acted in conscientious objection to fraud in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the United States, and believe that you might have a viable Qui Tam claim, contact the law offices of Begelman & Orlow, P. C. today. We are one of the nation’s premier law firms in Qui Tam and false claims litigation.

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