Family Law Evolving with Same-Sex Couples

Not everyone can agree on their opinions when it comes to same-sex couples, but the law of the land allows for same-sex couples to marry. This adds to an already messy environment of family law as emotions, children, and painful actions all can make for a tough case. The city of Houston recently made the decision to give benefits to same-sex married couples in the same fashion that they would opposite-sex married couples.

However, the Texas Supreme Court is examining a lawsuit that challenges this new policy determined by Houston. The argument is that the United States Supreme Court was not specific in addressing giving benefits funded by taxpayers to same-sex couples in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges that allowed for gay marriage.

This decision has sent the case back to the trial court and has ruffled some feathers among those that are against marriage equality and those that are for it. Members of the LGBTQ community see this as discrimination, and that it’s one more way to prevent them from equality in marriage.

Family law has a number of ups and downs. The definition of family for many has changed over the years as more non-traditional families emerge and become more mainstream. Marriage equality means that people have the same rights to marry whom they choose, whether it’s a same-sex couple, or what’s seen as a traditional marriage.

That also means that same-sex marriages can go through the same problems with seeking a divorce or dealing with custody issues. This can add more layers to already complex situations. The law firm of Begelman & Orlow can help unravel this situation that your life has become. Contact us today about how you can move forward with your life.

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