Government Relies on the Watchful Eyes and Ears of Whistleblowers

Thanks to the False Claims Act, the US government recovered $5.7 billion from people and companies who attempted to defraud it. Of that figure, over $2 billion came from whistleblower actions relating to scams involving federally funded healthcare programs. In fact, 2014 was the fifth year in a row funds recouped from unearthed healthcare fraud accounted for such a large slice of the recovered monies.

There are certainly risks and rewards associated with being a whistleblower. However, a sense of doing what’s right and an opportunity to be compensated for information are major incentives. In 2014, there were 700 qui tam claims made alleging fraudulent activity against the government. Of those claimants, whistleblower payouts amounted to about $100 million.

The government has come to rely on whistleblowers and experts say they play a very important role in the fight against fraud. Interestingly enough, many of the whistleblower claims come from competitors in the healthcare space, as opposed to current or former employees.

Additionally, the government appears to be more willing to get involved in qui tam cases. In fact, the US Department of Justice said it will continue to work closely with whistleblowers in 2015.

If you have information about a person or company trying to defraud the US government, contact an experienced qui tam lawyer who will review your information and offer sound legal advice about your case. Contact Begelman & Orlow for a free consultation.

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