New Jersey and Federal Whistleblower Laws and Remedies

The False Claims Acts is the main act that processes whistleblower acts. There are other federal and New Jersey laws and remedies that protect and reward whistleblowers too. These are some of the laws used:

  • The False Claims Act – this law, which dates back to the Civil War, protects employees from wrongful dismissal and even allows for a percentage (up to 30%)  if the government obtains an award against the wrongdoer. For more information on the background of the False Claims Act and what the Act is please see our FAQ.
  • Qui Tam lawsuits – these lawsuits are a part of the False Claims Act.
    • Common wrongs are:
      • Fraudulent billing
      • Intentional failure to comply with a government contract
      • Persuading someone to submit a false claim.
      • Changing the labels of prescriptions
      • Performing unnecessary services
    • Common areas are pharmaceutical fraud, Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act – this law regulates employee and business health and safety.
  • Sarbanes Oxley – this law protects employees who whistleblow about  illegal accounting
  • The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act – this law offers protection for blowing the whistle in security matters
  • IRS Whistleblower law – this law, in the IRS Code, covers underpayments of two million dollars (including interest and penalties).
  • New Jersey Conscientious Employers Protection Act (CEPA) – this law protects employees from wrongful discharge

Why do you need legal representation in whistleblower matters?

  • To defend yourself against any improper charges
  • To bring a claim against any employer or organization that retaliates against you by firing you or taking any other steps to punish you for blowing the whistle.
    • You may be entitled to reinstatement and lost wages (in some cases double the amount of lost wages)
  • To understand which laws apply to federal employees and which laws apply to state employees
  • To know what damages you can claim such as lost wages and the right to get your job back.
    • You may be entitled to 15 to 30% of any recovery on behalf of the Government against a wrongdoer. The percentage depends on whether the US Justice Department intervenes in the case. If they intervene, the percentage is lower.

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