False Claims Act – Employee Rights

Where there is a Wrong there is a Remedy

Do you know of a company or individual that is defrauding the government? Under the Federal False Claims Act, you may be able to bring a qui tam action. If the action is successful, you may be entitled to a significant portion of the recovery.

The attorneys of Begelman & Orlow, P. C. can guide you through the process. To answer general question about qui tam actions, we have provided the following information. However, each case depends upon the particular facts of the situation.

If you think you have a qui tam action under the Federal False Claims Act, contact our firm today for a free initial consultation. We’ll help you understand your options.

What is The Federal False Claims Act?
Why did Congress enact the False Claims Act?
Who can be a “qui tam” plaintiff?
What types of fraud qualify?
The following example of this type of fraud is taken from an actual case.
What protection is there for a qui tam plaintiff who brings an action against his or her employer?
How can a qui tam plaintiff afford a lawyer?

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