NJ Transit Train Accident Kills One in Car


Authorities are reporting that one person has been killed in an accident involving a vehicle and a NJ Transit Train. The New York City-bound 7232 train was reportedly en-route when it struck a car in Hazlet at the Bethany Road crossing at 12:32 p.m. Considering the crash, a temporary suspension of service went into effect for directions to and from Long Branch and Hazlet. According to New Jersey Transit Spokesperson Penny Bassett, the driver was a 90-year-old man of Hazlet. The accident occurred when the man drove around the railroad gates in an attempt to cross the tracks. His vehicle was pinched under the train causing delays to commuters.

According to Bassett, the train carried over 145 passengers, none of whom were injured. NJ Transit has been in the process of creating a bridge between Long Branch and Hazlet, however the project has been delayed due to constant traffic in the area.

Public transportation is built to be reliable and safe both for drivers and commuters alike. It is the result of careful planning and the utmost safety measures taken into account. When an accident involving public transportation occurs, the results can be devastating for everyone involved. These accidents can also bring to light glaring issues regarding the lack of safer alternative routes for drivers and other travelers. Be it with a train, bus, or any other form of public transportation, nobody should have to suffer death or severe injury at the hands of public transportation.

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