Why Do Employees Blow the Whistle in New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

Common Reasons Why Employees Blow the Whistle
Federal, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other state laws encourage employees to report wrongdoing by their employer. One of the key reasons for whistleblower laws is to help the government get what it paid for. Sometimes businesses and people will try to take advantage of the government by failing to provide full services, by providing below quality products, by giving false statements and by other means. Wrongdoing is often in the following areas (there are other areas too):

  • Health care fraud
  • IRS Fraud
  • Military contract kickbacks
  • TARP and Federal stimulus
  • Illegal kickbacks
  • Hiding safety violations
  • Financial fraud
  • Price or rebate fraud
  • Providing unnecessary services
  • inducing someone else to submit a false claim
  • Improper labeling
  • Fraudulent Billing
  • Prescribing medications for a purpose not intended.

For more on the legal requirements please see the answer to the question “What types of fraud qualify”. The answer to the question explains the difference between deliberate misrepresentations, reckless conduct and deliberate ignorance – all 3 may be a violation of the False Claims Act.

What types of people can be a whistleblower?
Whistleblowers can be:

  • An employee
  • A contractor or subcontractor
  • A former employee
  • Middle Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Competitors
  • A secretary
  • The Janitor or Elevator Operator
  • Individuals or entities.
  • State and Local Governments

What are the requirements for being a whistleblower? The requirements depend on whether there has been public disclosure. If there hasn’t been public disclosure, first-hand knowledge is not required. If there has been public disclosure, the first-hand knowledge is required. Please see our FAQ WHo can be a “qui tam” plaintiff on the requirements.

Why blow the whistle?

  • You may get a percentage of any award against the whistleblower. The award is based on the amount of money the government lost because of the wrongful conduct and additional sums to prevent the employer from future wrongful conduct.
  • To preserve federal and state programs
  • Ethics and morality
  • To prevent harm to others
  • To stop the wrongful conduct. In addition to money damages, a trustee may be appointed to monitor the wrong and prevent future wrongs.

Where is the wrong reported?
Sometimes employees report the wrong within the organization. Other times, they report it to government authorities, the media or to lawyers. It’s advisable to consult with one of our lawyers before you blow the whistle so we can examine the validity of your claim.

Why use a whistleblower lawyer?

  • To help you prevent wrongdoing
  • To protect, file and pursue your claim for a financial percentage of any Government recovery.
  • To protect your from retaliation

How Our Firm Can Help

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