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New Jersey CEPA lawyers at Begelman & Orlow, P. C. have an extensive record and excellent reputation for protecting New Jersey whistleblowers under New Jersey’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA). When employees face wrongful termination or any other retaliation for doing what is right, our wrongful termination attorneys can effectively represent them.

CEPA was enacted to protect employees in New Jersey who refuse to take part in work they believe to be against the law. For example:

  • Did you refuse to take part in an activity at work that you believed violated the law?
  • Did you refuse to engage in work activities that you believed to be fraudulent or criminal?
  • Did you refuse to take part in a work activity that harmed the public health, safety, welfare, or the environment?
  • Did you provide information to a court or prosecutor or other public entity in an investigation concerning your employer’s possible violation of the law?

If so, and you have faced retaliation as a result; speak to one of our attorneys. Often when clients come to us about a wrongful termination claim, they do not realize they have a CEPA claim. They just know they were terminated for acting according to their own good consciences.

New Jersey’s CEPA protection is not limited to fighting for people who have faced wrongful termination. It protects employees from any retaliatory action related to the disclosure of an activity that the employee reasonably believed to be in violation of the law. That retaliation can include firing, demotion, failure to promote or other adverse employment action.

When a CEPA claim involves a company that has federal or state government contracts, there is a potential for a Federal False Claims Act qui tam case or a State False Claims Act. Our qui tam lawyers are well versed in state and federal claims related to whistleblowers, and we have the skill and experience to protect the current and future interests of employees who pursue these cases.

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If you have been wrongfully terminated, demoted, or been denied a promotion for refusing to participate in or for reporting an illegal activity, please contact our offices to speak with a New Jersey CEPA lawyer or our legal staff.

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