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New Jersey Qui Tam Attorneys Providing Whistleblower Protection for Medicaid and Medicare Fraud

Health care fraud is one of the most frequent kinds of claims pursued in Qui Tam and false claims cases. Whether engaged in by hospitals, health care providers, hospices, nursing homes, physicians and other institutions or private practices, attempting to defraud the government through Medicaid and Medicare programs is all too common.

At the law offices of Begelman & Orlow, P. C. in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, our highly experienced attorneys represent individuals seeking to expose fraud and corruption in the system. We provide guidance based on years of proven practice to individuals with knowledge of fraud. We aggressively pursue the financial awards you may be owed through state or federal whistleblower laws.

Are You Aware of Medicaid or Medicare Fraud

We represent a broad range of individuals who have access to critical information about Medicare or Medicaid fraud. Our clients have included hospital employees, executives, vendors, supply companies and healthcare providers who have acted in conscientious opposition to fraudulent activities.

Almost any fraud perpetrated against the U.S. government or your local state government organizations can be prosecuted under federal and state false claims acts; the whistleblower who exposes health care fraud is often eligible to a financial award from any funds recovered. We represent people who expose:

As one of the premier law firms in Qui Tam and false claims litigation, our lawyers put proven results and decades of experience behind your case. As your legal representative we make sure your interests are represented, you are protected against retaliation and you receive the maximum financial award you are owed.

Professional Representation for Complex State and Federal Cases

Qui Tam and false claims cases are not an area of practice we handle on the side. We have made whistleblower cases a primary foundation of our practice, and we are proud to be recognized for our success in handling these cases.

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