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Have You Been the Victim of Retaliation in a Qui Tam or FCA Case?

One of the biggest fears that trouble individuals who have access to sensitive information about a company’s scheme to defraud the government is whether they will be the victim of retaliation. The reality is that retaliation exists, but there are state and federal laws in place designed to aggressively protect whistleblowers.

At the law office of Begelman & Orlow, P. C., our experienced Qui Tam attorneys not only help you expose fraudulent activities in Qui Tam and false claims cases, but we aggressively protect your rights if there is retaliation.

If You Have Been Retaliated Against, Contact a Lawyer

In many, but not all cases of retaliation, you have to be singled out by an employer. This is particularly common in cases of discrimination, where the individual making a claim is targeted for wrongful termination or other abuse. However, provisions in federal and some state false claim laws provide whistleblower protection for non-employees as well.

For that reason, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney that can fully review your case and offer you sound advice and guidance if you suspect you have been illegally abused or targeted for retaliation. From our offices in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, we represent clients in retaliation claims, including but not limited to:

Our employment law and Qui Tam professionals will fully review your case, offer clear guidance, and provide creative and effective solutions to help you end retaliation and recover compensation for damages.

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