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Our attorneys at the law offices of Begelman & Orlow, P. C. have made False Claims Act and whistleblower cases a cornerstone of our legal practice. We provide dependable guidance and creative solutions for clients throughout Pennsylvania and across the country based on decades of proven experience.

If you are aware of fraudulent activity by a public or private entity that does business with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you may be eligible for financial compensation under state and federal whistleblower statutes. The laws in Pennsylvania, however, are complex, so it is absolutely vital you receive competent legal advice.

How Pennsylvania Whistleblower Law Works

Pennsylvania’s whistleblower laws are limited and somewhat restrictive compared to other states. Unlike states such as New Jersey, whistleblower protection in Pennsylvania is only afforded when there is wrongdoing by a public body in direct contradiction to federal, state or local statute or law. A public body is any company that receives, directly or indirectly, funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

However, when these organizations act fraudulently in dealing with government agencies, such as engaging in double billing or non-compliance with government regulation, an individual may be afforded whistleblower protections for revealing the action. That person may also be eligible for financial awards from any funds recovered in the case.

Protecting Pennsylvania Whistleblowers

Among the primary concerns employees have about reporting a state or federal false claims case is the possibility for retaliation from their employer. It is important to realize that federal law prevents an employer from acting in a retaliatory manner against a protected whistleblower. The first priority of our attorneys throughout your whistleblower claim is to protect your interests, both in financial recovery and federally protected rights.

We provide experienced legal counsel and an extensive background in Qui Tam and False Claims Act cases in Pennsylvania and throughout the *nation. We can fully evaluate your claim, give you dependable advice on how to proceed and make sure we are filing the right claim in the right courts to maximize your financial recovery.

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