2021 Construction Accident Statistics

2021 Construction Accidents Statistics

Construction jobs can be incredibly risky. Most construction workers know this when they pursue a career in the construction industry. But, do you know just how dangerous construction jobs can be? Check out this list of 20 construction accident statistics for 2021:

Construction Accident Statistics

  1. 1 in 5 employee-related deaths in the US is due to construction work
  2. About 60% of construction-related deaths are due to a falling object
  3. The second cause of construction-related deaths is from construction falls
  4. Approximately 1,061 workers die per year as a result of falls 
  5. The construction industry ranks four for having the highest number of fatal accidents in any industry
  6. OSHA’S “Fatal Four” includes electrocutions, falls, being struck by an object and caught in between machinery; these account for 60% of construction accident fatalities
  7. The construction industry makes up for 8.5% of missed workdays
  8. The accident rate at construction jobs is 71% higher than in other industries
  9. Most construction injuries occur in workers between the ages of 25-34 
  10. Construction fatalities cost the U.S. an estimated $5 billion each year
  11. Each year, construction accidents and injuries result in workers’ comp claims that cost an estimated $2.5 billion
  12. The highest construction claim reported was $1,792,726 and included mostly fines in 2019
  13. According to OSHA, implementing a safety program could potentially save a construction company $4-$6 for every $1 put into it The estimated average cost of a construction injury is $42,000 per person
  14. Companies spend, on average, 2.6% of their budget on safety training, and 3.6% on work injuries
  15. Approximately 60% of construction accidents occur within the first year of an employee working
  16. OSHA penalties can cost a company between an average of $13,653-$136,532
  17. An estimated 130,000 construction workers missed a day of work due to an injury
  18. An additional 25% of people are employed in construction from 2011-2019, leading to it being one of the fastest-growing industries
  19. Smaller employers account for approximately 75% of injuries

This data comes from OSHA and the CDC. In summary, construction can be one of the most dangerous industries to work in. However, when employers take the time to implement in-depth safety programs and prioritize safety protocols, their employees are less likely to be injured on the job.

Injured in a Construction Accident in Feasterville, Pennsylvania?

Were you injured while working a construction job in Feasterville, PA? You may have legal options available. Pennsylvania employers are required to carry workers’ compensation. This is an insurance policy that covers you if you’re injured on the job.

However, if workers’ compensation is making it difficult for you to collect the compensation you need, or if they are denying your benefits, you may need to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer. You deserve access to your workers’ compensation benefits. Recovering from a construction-related injury can be painful and expensive. You may have to take an extended period of time off from work. You likely have mounting medical bills. You may even need rehabilitative services. Discuss your legal options with a lawyer today.

Contact a Feasterville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Discuss Your Construction-Related Workplace Injury Case

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