What Are Some Examples of Discrimination?

Discrimination is an all too common problem. Despite federal and state regulations to protect individuals against discrimination, it can, and still does, occur. Understanding the different types of discrimination and who regulates each one in Pennsylvania can help you navigate your individual case, in the event you are discriminated against.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is responsible for enforcing discrimination laws in the state of Pennsylvania. PHRC covers many areas of discrimination including:


Employment discrimination includes any discrimination when hiring or promoting employees of an organization. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulates employment laws and prohibits employment discrimination based on things like race, color, sex, age, ancestry, origin, religion, and disability. 

This includes things like:

  • Failing to hire a specific candidate based on their age
  • Choosing a different employee for a promotion because of the other’s religion
  • Firing an employee after learning they have a disability
  • Demoting an employee based on their religious beliefs
  • Employment discrimination is not reserved to current employees. It also covers the hiring process and job advertising.


The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act covers housing discrimination. It ensures that all individuals have a right to fair housing, regardless of their sex, age, religion, race, origin, or familial status. Pennsylvania also includes the Limited English Proficiency (LEP), which requires the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to assist individuals whose first language is not English in obtaining fair housing.

Housing discrimination might include:

  • A real estate agent not showing buyers certain homes because of their race
  • A landlord not renting to a tenant because of their age
  • A tenant being evicted because of their religious beliefs
  • A landlord not renting to an individual with a mental disability

Housing discrimination includes both buying and renting properties.


Education discrimination includes the discrimination of individuals that affects their right to a fair education. Pennsylvania has made it illegal to discriminate against potential or current students, based on their age, gender, religion, race, or origin. Education laws also protect students with disabilities.

A few examples include:

  • A teacher offering two students different resource based solely on their gender
  • A teacher grading two students differently based on their race
  • A college choosing students based on their race or religion
  • An administration denying scholarships to certain individuals based on their race or gender

Educational discrimination is regulated by th Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission regional office.

Commercial Property

Commercial property discrimination includes the discrimination of any individual when renting a commercial property based on protected factors like age, sex, religion, or familial status.

A few examples include:

  • Failing to rent to an interested business owner based on their race
  • Charging a business owner more than another based on their gender
  • Denying a commercial rental application based on a disability
  • Running a newspaper ad for a specific gender or race

Commercial property laws in Pennsylvania are regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Of course, there are other types of discrimination, including judicial and legal discriminations.

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