Understanding Qui Tam Lawsuits in New Jersey

What Is a Qui Tam Lawsuit? A qui tam lawsuit is also referred to as a whistleblower lawsuit. It is a part of the False Claims Act (FCA) and is designed to avoid government fraud.  Qui tam cases cover crimes in which an individual, or a group of individuals, conspires against the government, in an… More

Everything You Need to Know About Discrimination and Retaliation

New Jersey law requires all employers to employ individuals regardless of their race, color, gender, disability, or any other categorization that falls under state law. Failing to follow these regulations can lead to expensive fines. Learn more below. Understanding New Jersey Laws New Jersey prohibits employer discrimination based on any of the following: Race Religion… More

False Imprisonment And Shoplifting Accusations: Do I Have A Claim?

In certain circumstances, a store is allowed to briefly detain someone they suspect of shoplifting to determine if their suspicions have any merit. But just like any right, this one has boundaries. When a store detains someone in an unreasonable manner or for an unreasonable amount of time, the suspected shoplifter might then have a… More

I Got Fired! Can I Sue For Wrongful Termination?

Being let go from a job is an awful feeling. In many cases, a company does not need a reason to fire an employee, and when it happens the employee often does not have any recourse. But there are laws that were created to protect the American worker under certain circumstances, and if an employer… More

A Short Guide To Whistleblowers And Federal Tax Fraud

The term “tax fraud” can trigger a panic attack for many people. After all, it was the downfall of celebrities like Martha Stewart, Nicolas Cage, and Pete Rose. Even the most powerful companies like Amazon, Gap, Apple, and Microsoft have dealt with tax fraud scandals that cost them millions of dollars. But for those who… More

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